Anal Fissure Treatment & Management

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What is an anal incision

Many people suffer from anal fissures and it is not clear to them early on and many people may have severe embarrassment due to anemia. Some may have symptoms of anal fissure Dom know that what is suffering is an anal fissure or an anal incision believed to be transient symptoms and will continue as usual and is considered an anal incision is an embarrassing disease for some people and often affects children at an early age. In this article we will learn about the treatment of the anal incision and its causes and symptoms. (Treatment of anal sphincter causes and symptoms) Anal incision means anal fracture called the two names.

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What is an anal incision

Anal incision anal fissure

 It is a wound or cut in the lining membrane of the anal canal and results in severe pain and drops of blood with the constriction of the anal muscle, which reduces the arrival of blood to the place and delayed healing and may turn into a chronic rupture.
Treatment of the anal incision without surgical intervention There are many ways to treat the anal incision without surgery in its natural ways and in some cases the superficial fracture will heal in two weeks on its own, but with the length of time and failure of treatment may turn into chronic rift and be deep, so that defecation becomes more painful And then we need medical intervention, and sometimes surgical, and then be careful to be contaminated with stool bacteria is worse.

Anal fissure is very common in young children, but it affects people of any age, usually alone within four to six weeks. If this does not happen, medical treatment or surgery can often relieve discomfort.

.Symptoms of anal incision

  1.  Many cracks in the area of ​​rift.
  2. Blood drops in the affected area.
  3.  Severe heartburn in the area of ​​rift
  4.  inability to sit and not feel comfortable
  5.  produces strong anal itching
  6.  produces very unpleasant odors.

• Causes of an anal incision.

  1. Constipation is chronic for a long period of time and does not go to the toilet whenever the need arises
  2. Lack of interest in foods rich in fiber
  3. The person is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.
  4. Itching is severe and strong, resulting in many scratches in the rift and blood runny
  5. Pregnancy and childbirth for women for many periods.
  6. The fracture is subjected to a blow or insertion of a particular instrument, resulting in rupture of the fracture.
  7. Chronic diarrhea for a long period of time
  8. Irregularity in eating and drinking affects the rift in getting rid of stool.
  9. Rectal cancer 

Complications of anal fissure

That the incidence of anal fissure may be very large, the method of treatment limit the continuation of the disease and the cure rate is very large through the treatment of natural herbs, but in the case of negligence and lack of treatment shows complications of anal fissure.
  • Anemia, which causes fatigue and causes stress
  • Skin lesions resulting from anal fissure.
  • Narrow the anus with scarring at the time of infection.
  • The appearance of an anal fistula and inflammation of the rift for lack of blood reaching him

Methods of prevention of anal incision

  1. Drink plenty of fluids, water and natural juice because it works to relieve pain and injury.
  2. Follow the methods of prevention of anal fissure.
  3. Eat foods that are rich and rich in fiber.
  4. Rinse the rinse with hot water and soap to keep it clean.
  5. Regularity of going to the bathroom for periods because it causes the anal fissure.
  6. Proper handling of anal fissures and non-use of certain tools.
  7. Avoid scratching and itching and sit in a large container containing hot water.
  8. Sit in cool places to prevent sweat coming down because the sweat lengthens the duration of the healing.

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Types of anal fissure types of anal incision

  1. Severe rift
What is sharp, can be eliminated and eliminated through natural herbs and eating foods useful and rich in fiber and that this type does not affect the fracture, but is eliminated as soon as possible.

   Chronic fracture .2.

This is one of the most dangerous species. It is not enough to treat it with natural herbs, and it may need surgery because of its negative effects on the person who has it.

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