Download video from Twitter to Android

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Most of the users of the popular social networking Twitter program need to download some videos that affect their admiration, there is no doubt that the majority of Twitter users need to apply the download of videos in Twitter and download them on the phone and save them in memory,

twitter video download

the problem of everyone suffers I am one of those who suffer from this problem In the course of using the Twitter platform I have encountered many funny clips and many video clips that got my admiration, and I wanted to download and save on my phone, but I could not and all I could do is to watch these clips, and I can not save them, and every time I P I do the loss of donated online balance

Download video from Twitter to Android

Download video from Twitter to Android

Which I have, that the application of uploading videos on Twitter is very important to Twitter users and I am Berry of all those who use the application in the maintenance of obscene sections, and I hope that everyone is using the application download videos from Twitter Download clips Koran and download prayers and prayers and songs, conversations and sermons, That the devil does not play in your posts and you download the sections that violate the literature, we are innocent before God, which uses the program.

The best application to download Twitter clips

Twitter Video Downloader helps you download videos on Twitter and gif that you like on your device in an easy and fast way, so you can open your videos anytime, anywhere you want or share with your friends, and save traffic online. The database is used to save your query, and avoid downloading the same videos on Twitter GIF – the main reason waste makes a lot of data, which is another applications problem for the same category. In addition, you can choose the video resolution (if available +1) for download, the app also displays the video size, and helps you identify which video to download, which is appropriate for your needs. Designed for the best user experience, with a beautiful user interface and a very small ad. Let   ️️ install this wonderful app now!

Features The best application to download Twitter clips

  1. Download Twitter videos easily and quickly with a few simple steps.
  2. Use a database to save your search query, save web traffic, and help you avoid downloading the same Twitter videos as GIF.
  3. Video resolution (if video + 1 is available) can be selected to download.
  4. Can show the size of the video download, it is easy to decide which video to download.
  5.    Built-in share function, easy to share the actual video to other social applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook …
  6. ⛹️ Downloaded videos that have been saved to external storage can help you play or access other applications, such as Gallery, File Manager, Video Player Application …
  7. 🏆 Two easy ways to download videos from Twitter, you can either copy / paste the link or access it directly from the sharing options (recommended).
  8.    Built-in video player, video play and gif.
  9. 🎻 Easily access, view, play, or share your downloaded video.
  10. 🚣 Can save gif from Twitter.
  11. 🏇 Load multi-task, and download a lot of files at the same time.
  12. 💘 Too little advertising and the best user experience, you will love it.
  13.    Light weight, only 2.9 Mb.


How to download videos from Twitter using this app? , It is easy and very simple:
Download video from Twitter to Android

In the Twitter app, under the video or mobile image you like, click the share icon.
Select Share Tweet via …
Choose Download Twitter Videos.
Inside the Downloading twitter Videos app, click the download icon.
 Select the video resolution you want if the video + 1 is available.
Wait or browse other twitter videos.
Another way to download twitter videos is to copy the twinkle containing a video or gif and paste the link into the app if you have not opened it yet, or paste the link automatically. Then, click the download icon.
 Let’s install this awesome video downloader application now!
Do not use the YouTube video download app to save videos, save gifs or republish them without permission from the owner in question. We respect the rights of Twitter.
This app does not belong to downloading Twitter video with Twitter, but it is a tool to help download videos from Twitter, and save gif from Twitter.
 If the Twitter video download app is useful to you, please evaluate and improve this app by providing comments to me in the comment box, so I’ll make it better. To download the program on Android phones, download the video clips from Twitter from Google Play