Prevent apps from spying on you with your phone’s camera

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How to prevent applications from spying on you by your phone camera

When applications are used on your Android phone, you have to look at the application’s powers. Malicious applications can access sensitive information. Applications, requesting permissions for sensitive areas in your Android phone, spying on you and taking pictures with the camera, such as access to the camera, Allows application to access the camera without your knowledge and use without permission from you and because the majority of users of Android phones to focus on the comments of applications and does not focus on the powers of any application installed on the phone Android We need a camera blocker application prevents any application Access to the KIMRA application works on getting, and preventing phone applications from accessing and using KIMRA without your permission and preventing applications from spying on you

Prevent apps from spying on you with your phone's camera

Prevent applications from watching you and spy on you and take photos for you

How to prevent applications from spying on you by camera without your knowledge.

That the application of Camera Blocker works to disable the mobile phone camera, and remove it from work so that any application can not enter the camera, and prevents serious applications from accessing it easily and can reuse the camera from the need only, and when you want to take photos or videos and without this works The application protects you and disables the camera

How to prevent applications from spying on you by your phone camera

How to use the Camera Blocker application is simple and you do not need to explain, the application is not complicated, but the application is easy to use and is available in Arabic, and all you have to do is go to the download link of the application from the store Google Play through the link at the bottom, and after installing Camera Blocker click on The application will lock the kimra and the application will tell you that the kimra has been stopped and has been accessed from the applications on your Android phone and if you want to restart it, all you have to do is to extract the same operation you have previously done.