Fatigue causes and treatment – get rid of exhaustion and enjoy eternal rest in simple ways

Sometimes tiredness and tiredness is a major obstacle in achieving our goal and therefore must be eliminated, but before that must know the reasons and identify them know exclusively on the magazine the first Arab in the world of fitness health and beauty through the following article.

Fatigue causes and treatment - get rid of exhaustion and enjoy eternal rest in simple ways

 What is fatigue

People suffer from stress as a result of major events in their lives, such as the death of a parent, a brother, a child or a loved one, divorce, loss of employment or loss of opportunity related to his or her future on which he built many things or an injustice signed by one of his relatives or colleagues, Stress may also result in a reaction to daily problems such as driving in the middle of a heavy crowding, being harassed by a person, the result of an inexperienced passerby, a bias in making a particular decision, and so on.
In addition, people may suffer stress while facing a threat to their lives, for example, and anyone who feels he can not get out of a dilemma can get stressed.
The signs of stress are increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, nervous tension, mental inactivity and frequent mistakes in work things as a result of stopping the ability to concentrate, and may result in stress to even lack of sleep and excessive anxiety. Stress reactions include social isolation and a sense of inability to repair the situation.

Common causes of fatigue

Lack of sleep hours – may be the most common cause of fatigue. The optimal number of sleep hours per person. However, according to many research 8 – 7 hours of sleep are
Moreover, it has been shown that the lack of sleep hours for a very long time may cause significant medical problems, obesity and even increased deaths.
To treat sleep disorders, you should start with a correct “sleep culture”, including: a comfortable and quiet environment for sleep. Refrain from eating, reading, watching TV in bed. Determining a sleep routine includes a constant immortality time for sleep and a steady awakening. If there are possibilities to sleep during the day, it is important to be for short periods and early hours of the day.
Avoid large meals before sleeping, which can be heavy or disruptive sleep. If you can not sleep, you may want to go somewhere else in the house to read or relax until you feel tired.

For additional treatment, each case should be tested separately and an appropriate solution to the problem of sleep. Sometimes there is a need to take medicine if there is no escape.
2. Misleading nutrition – Crusty diet programs and lack of nutrients may cause fatigue, fatigue and poor general feeling, which results from lack of energy to build and strengthen the body. In the event of a severe shortage of energy, the body begins to dismantle the muscles, bones, making it more difficult in its daily performance.
Therefore, it is recommended to dispense with harsh and unbalanced diet systems, even at the price of moderate descent by weight. Gradual weight loss, in a healthy manner combined with physical activity which will contribute healthily and will maintain weight for a long time.
However, foods with a high glycemic index, such as chocolate, cakes and other sweets, can raise sugar levels for a short period of time and cause activity, but immediately afterwards a sugar drop occurs and a feeling of extreme weakness and fatigue. Add to that that fatty foods or very heavy meals are causes of fatigue and fatigue and may cause a feeling of weight and fatigue after the meal.
It is recommended to reduce the fatty foods or those that carry the value of high load of sugar in the blood, where they are very unhealthy, causing obesity and does not contribute to the feeling of activity for a long time.
3. Lack of drinking – especially during the summer (but also in winter) may lead to lack of drinking water to fatigue. Drink 10-8 cups (200ml each) for women and 12-10 cups for men.
4. Anemia – Hemoglobin and red blood cells also fall in the blood, causes fatigue and exhaustion. There are several causes of anemia. The most common are iron deficiency, vitamin B12, folic acid or chronic diseases, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, arthritis, cancer and others. These chronic diseases may cause fatigue because of an ongoing inflammatory state that requires too much energy.
5. Pregnancy – characterized by significant physical changes occur in the body of women and require a lot of energy. Therefore, mainly at the beginning of pregnancy occurs a state of extreme fatigue, which may improve with the progress of pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy consumes a lot of vitamins, iron and minerals, which may cause lack of fatigue, which requires compensation of deficiency. In pregnancy, pregnancy testing and regular blood tests, including vitamins and iron, may help to understand the causes of fatigue and fatigue.
6. Thyroid dysfunction / curtain – Active thyroid gland can cause extreme fatigue, lethargy and exhaustion. Other signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism include: cold intolerance, constipation, dry skin, hoarse sound, drowsiness, lack of appetite and more.
In addition, hyperthyroidism also leads to fatigue: muscle weakness, high appetite, weight loss, high heartbeat, nervousness and distress, heat intolerance, diarrhea and so on. To diagnose thyroid hypothyroidism, blood levels of hormones T3, T4-TSH should be checked. Treatment is often pharmacological in two modes allowing the solution of the range of symptoms caused by the disorder, including a feeling of fatigue.
7. Diabetes and pre-diabetes – Diabetes – One of the major complaints in patients who have a person with diabetes or pre-diabetes is fatigue. Clinical diabetes, fatigue and dysfunction occurs when the glucose level drops. Signs and other symptoms may indicate diabetes, in addition to fatigue, include: increased thirst, frequent urination, increased appetite, blurred vision and frequent infections. The treatment includes diabetes diet, exercise, oral medicine, and if necessary – insulin injections. Note that there is a need for medical monitoring of glucose values ​​and diabetes complications.
8. Obesity – Excessive weight may be the cause of fatigue and exhaustion due to physical and metabolic stress on all body systems. It may reduce weight loss or mask fatigue. In addition, balanced physical activity may increase the sense of daily activity.
9. Sleep apnea syndrome – a phenomenon experienced by many overweight or those who snore. The syndrome is reflected in a large number of short stops of respiration resulting in a momentary awakening that hinders the continuation of sleep during the night and fatigue when waking up every morning. In addition, snoring itself may disrupt the quality of sleep and lead to fatigue. The diagnosis to be made can be done at home or at the sleep lab. Treatment: weight loss, CPAP device to relieve the breath at night.
10. Heart disease – heart attacks may be characterized by great fatigue as a first sign. This is more common in women, the elderly and diabetics. In addition to this, fatigue is a component in the heart patients. Other directed symptoms are chest aches, difficulty breathing, mainly exertion and others. Diagnosis should be evaluated by the treating physician, especially in patients with known heart disease and feel tired and modern, especially in the effort.
11. Drugs – There are many types of medicines that may be causes of fatigue and fatigue. For example: antihistamines for allergies, medications to lower blood pressure, esters, urinary stimulants, pain relievers, antidepressants, antibiotics and others. For diagnosis, medication should be evaluated which may cause fatigue.
12. White blood cell disease – a contagious disease caused by the EBV virus (the same disease can be caused by CMV virus). Diagnosis, contact your physician to evaluate appropriate blood tests.
13. Chronic fatigue syndrome – a disease that causes fatigue, reaching up to the inability to get out of bed. In addition, the mother may occur in the muscles, the mother in the head, lack of sleep, changes in weight, depression, anxiety, nervous bowel syndrome and others. Part of the people with this syndrome stop functioning and performing. The disease spreads among women. Diagnosis is difficult because of the undetermined set of complaints, and other diagnoses are excluded. It is worth mentioning that not all doctors are aware of the disease or believe in its existence. Treatment includes changes in nutrition, dietary supplements, exercise, antidepressants and others.
14. Fibromyalgia – a disease reflected through simple aches, at least for 3 months without physiological explanation. In addition, there is a sensitivity that occurs when the pressure of 11 points out of the 18 points defined by the body. Other symptoms include: severe fatigue, sleepless sleep, impaired concentration and memory, problematic intestinal activity (up to neuromuscular syndrome), morning stiffness that can only be eliminated through a hot bath. The disease is more prevalent among women. Treatment includes changes in nutrition, dietary supplements, physical activity, antidepressants, psychotherapy and complementary medicine.
15. Depression – Depression may be a cause of fatigue, fatigue, and a feeling of total powerlessness that prevents a person from being active in daily life. To diagnose depression there are several criteria that require an assessment by a doctor. For treatment there are excellent medicines for the disease that change the life of the therapists and significantly improve the feeling of fatigue and depression.
To summarize, there are several reasons for feeling tired and tired. In part of the cases can affect the lifestyle to reduce the feeling of fatigue and improve the quality of life of the person. In other cases, the fatigue signal for another disease may be difficult and must be diagnosed and treated, sometimes even with the aim of saving lives.

How to treat laziness and lethargy

First: mind, body and spirit
If you feel lazy, it may be due to a way of eating and not giving enough care to yourself so listen to the following tips:
1 – Sleep: You should get enough sleep from 8 to ten hours a day, and do not tend to sleep throughout the night because the lack of regular sleep and sleep lead to low body energy and tendencies to laziness
If you feel lazy, it may be due to a way of eating and not giving enough care to yourself so listen to the following tips:
1 – Sleep: You should get enough sleep from 8 to ten hours a day, and do not tend to sleep throughout the night because the lack of regular sleep and sleep lead to low body energy and tendencies to laziness
2 – Wash your face when you wake up from sleep directly as this will help you to overcome the fatigue and inability to absorb the time and tasks that you have, this is one of the most important first steps and it is always advisable to be cool water to bite and help you to forget drowsiness.
3 – exercise regularly as it helps to produce energy in the body naturally and promote the secretion of endorphins that improve the mood in general
3 – exercise regularly as it helps to produce energy in the body naturally and promote the secretion of endorphins that improve the mood in general and make you also more inclined to get out and start and accomplish something in this day. Your day may begin with “Fajr” prayer.
4. Monitor your diet: If you do not get enough vegetables and healthy foods, this will, of course, lead to a lack of body energy, keep away from junk food and eat regular meals regularly.
5. Get help: If the cause of your laziness is not one of those four reasons you have been told, if you need to see your doctor, it may be due to depression or some mental disorders and need medical intervention.
Second: Improve the mood
The feeling of laziness and alcohol is directly related to the nature of our lives and the way we live, so we will now give you some guidelines to help you improve your mood
1 – Arrange and clean the house or office: as the arrangement of the place you sit and not left in a mess will affect your mind to save him from some of the chaos that your mind and then be willing to work and production.
2 – Start your day with a positive self talk that say, for example, I will go to run today
3. Listen to positive bio-music that energizes you and helps you to be active.
Changing the environment: Moving and changing from one environment to another will help you be more active and positive so you may want to look at different areas when you are performing a task.
5 – Surround yourself with productive people: The people around you are sure that they will greatly affect your behavior, so try to always surround yourself with successful and practical people will be affected by this energy and you are also successful, laboratory and productive.
6 – Tell others to your goal in life: Surely you have a goal in your life to achieve and reach it and therefore try to talk about this goal a lot with yourself and with others it is a stimulus to you from time to time to reach this goal and achieve.
7 – Stop complicating things: You may set time for the completion of a task to the fullest, this may sound good, but the truth is bad because it will take you into the circle of procrastination.
Third: Set your time priorities
When you have a lot of tasks that you want to achieve at some time without setting a time and prioritizing it you will end up doing nothing.
1. If you have several tasks you want to accomplish one day, make a list of the most important things to do and contain what I want to do what I want to get what you need … etc, since the presence of things written on paper will facilitate the process of order of tasks as important What matters.
Do not do the worst things first: you know that doing the small tasks first will keep you enough energy to perform the harder and worse tasks later and therefore prefer to start with small things first.
3. Choose your projects: You have to plan every day to perform a task or two a day and force yourself to do them
4. Divide the work into steps: This is another effective way to facilitate the work by dividing it into steps and accomplishing one step at a time.

5. Make a structured schedule: It is also best to create a regular schedule for your project and give each task you want to accomplish the time necessary and appropriate, as this will motivate you and push you to completion.
Fourthly: the amount of time
The time is very precious and as it is said that you did not cut your cut, so be careful not to lose in laziness and idle, but do and work and make use of your day as much as possible
Learn something new during your free time or pursue your favorite hobby as it will push you when you resume work to be more productive.
2 – Perform all your duties and household tasks immediately and do not tend to lean and relax as with the passage of time will decrease your enthusiasm and so do all your tasks first.
3 – Eliminate procrastination: You should stay away from all sources of distraction in the performance of your work, you should not browse the Internet while you do your tasks or receive text messages and telephone so put your mobile phone somewhere far away from you so that you can be at the top of your concentration While performing your tasks.
4 – Commitment to wrinkles work If you set the example of 12 o’clock to start to accomplish a certain task must begin at 12 minutes and do not delay it.
5 – Make a schedule for your work with some rest times: For example, you can make time to rest 1 minutes of every hour in the sense that you work the first 50 minutes and then take the last 10 minutes rest and so on.
6. Do it only, since laziness has no medical cure, but the only solution is to focus your effort and focus to accomplish some tasks, so the solution lies in yourself.

What herbal remedies are used against stress

– There are a number of herbal wadis and animal derivatives have a significant impact in reducing stress or eliminate it and the following:
We talked about onions a lot in the past, but we repeat it because of its distinctive properties in the healing of many diseases, it purifies the blood and regulates the process of urine and removes the insomnia and stress and anti-clots and a good antidote to a large number of bacteria, and useful for the treatment of many lung diseases and scarlet fever and eating A medium onion with breakfast and another with lunch or dinner benefits the body a lot in its immunity and strength both as it relieves stress tremendously.
The apple is considered one of the best fruits in terms of health. It is a food and treatment. It fights constipation and diarrhea in children, reduces urinaic acid, relieves menstrual pain, activates the liver, expels phlegm, activates the heart, relieves nerve pain, preserves blood vessels, relieves fatigue and fatigue, and is very useful for rheumatism, An apple a day full of pimples has an unmatched effect in relieving stress and getting rid of it.
– Ring with Honey Fenugreek + hory
It is a cure for many diseases in addition to reducing the sugar in the blood and the preservation of milk and its resistance to many diseases, it relieves stress in an unrivaled manner, If we look at the honey associated with the circuit, we find that it is complete. Honey is famous for its nutritional and medicinal value and is sufficient in the Holy Quran, and the way to take about half a kilo of the municipal ring and clean well then crushed and placed in a box preferably brown, To a full spoon Eat pure honey and mix well and lick after each meal.
– Chrysanthemum CHRYSANTHEMUM
Chrysanthemum is a herbaceous plant with a height of about 1.5 meters and is somewhat similar to chamomile but differs in chemical content as well as effect.
Chrysanthemum morifolium contains chrysanthemum on alkaloids, the most important of which are stacidron, pilot oil, monoclonal lactone, flavonoids, and vitamin B, and a well-perfumed, purified, diluted diaphragm, blood pressure, coolant and dilute Fever, and has shown several clinical trials of Japanese and Chinese garden chrysanthemum is very effective in blood pressure and the removal of accompanying symptoms such as headaches and persistence and insomnia, and experiments have proved that Chrysanthemum gardens benefit in the treatment of angina and has an adverse effect on microorganisms.
Chrysanthemum has been used in China for thousands of years as a treatment and refreshing drink, and is considered a good herbal medicine to treat stress and the way to take the filling spoon spoon of flowers in a cup and then pour boiling water and stir well then sweetened with a spoon of sugar preferably honey and can dispense sweetening in the case Diabetics drink this drink once in the morning and another in the evening and continue the person for four weeks.
Parsley parsley
Parsley grass reaches a height of 30 cm, the original home of this plant Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, and is currently grown in most of the world, the parts used leaves, roots and seeds. Known scientifically as Petroselinum crispum Parsley contains oil is a pilot consisting of the compound Mrystisin and Abiol and flavonoids and phthalates, comarines and vitamins A, C, E and large amounts of minerals such as iron.
The leaves are complementary to vitamin and natural mineral to humans and seeds a diuretic effect much stronger than the effect of the leaves can be used to treat patients with gout and arthritis, and since parsley contains flavonoids is considered one of the best anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and the oil is considered a good material for the expulsion of gases And remove colic, especially gastrointestinal colic and swelling of the abdomen is also an alarm for the uterus. Green parsley is considered to be one of the best anti-stress products. A pack of parsley is taken, cleaned well and eaten with salad in food and dinner. The package is sufficient for one day. Seeds should not be used by pregnant women.
Coriander Coriander
Coriander is a leafy plant with a height of up to 50 cm. Its original habitat is in southern Europe and western Asia. It is currently cultivated all over the world and is scientifically known as coriandrum sativum, the part used for leaves, seeds and essential oil separated from seeds.
Chemical Contents The seeds contain pilot oil consisting of delineal, alpha-biphenyl, terpenine, flavo-nedate, combarine, lepidate and phenolic acids.
Coriander is widely used in Asia, North Africa and Europe for more than 2,000 years. It is mentioned in the Ephesian papyrus dating back to 1300 BC. Coriander is used as a famous spice, anti-bloating, abdominal cramping and tonic. It relieves much of the intestinal cramping and counteracts the effects of neurological tensions. That chew
Coriander improves the unpleasant breath, especially after eating garlic, and the way is to take about half a kilo of coriander fruits and well grinded and then placed in a bottle preferably to be colored and then kept in a cold place and take them filling a spoon medium and placed with dinner daily and eaten and can continue to use where Continuing it does not hurt, but you must adhere to the dose given.
– Chamomile CHAMOMILE
It is an herbaceous plant with a height of up to about 50 cm. It is the origin of the plant in Western Europe. It is grown today in all parts of the world. It has two types: Anthemis nobilis, Roman papong, and Matrecaria chamomella.
The parts used for plant flowers and aromatic oil.
The flowers contain volatile oil that contains the acid of the esters and esters of this acid, and also contains the acid and anglic acid and azazole and lactone monoclonal turbines
Floral contains volatile oil that contains the acid of estrangement and esters of this acid, as well as contains Anglic acid, kazazoline and lactone monoclonal turbines, flavondates, comaranies and phenolic acids.
It is anti-nausea, vomiting, indigestion and loss of appetite. It is anti-convulsive. Chamomile is boiled in the form by taking a tablespoon of dried flowers. Add a cup of boiled water, leave it covered for 5 minutes, then drink it once after breakfast and at bedtime. Do not increase the dose, and must not use aromatic chamomile oil only under the supervision of a specialist.
We have talked in the previous preparation of the dump, but because of its importance in the treatment of stress, we will have to re-talk about it is a medicinal herbs from the medical and say the English proverb, “Did not die in his garden sprouts dump” and dumped today excellent treatment for sore throat and menstrual disorder and anti-stress and insomnia , And contains the oil of the pilot and the most important compound is Thujon and materials time and flavonoids and phenolic acids and tannic acid .. Works as a disinfectant, disinfectant, scented, antiseptic and estrogen-producing
It reduces sweating and strengthens. The method of use is to take a large tablespoon of crushed leaves and put in a glass cup and add boiling water until full, then turn well and cover the cup for 5-10 minutes and then drink water only and leave the ball at the bottom of the cup and be used once after breakfast and at sleep. The use period should not exceed four weeks. Note that it is not used by pregnant women, as the fetus may fall in the early months of pregnancy.
Red Passion Flower Passi Flora
The red pallor is an Arishian grape-like plant with a height of up to 9 meters. It has trilobed leaves and beautiful decorated flowers. Native to the south of the United States of America and Central and South America, it is now widely cultivated in Europe, especially in Italy.
Passi Flora and the used part of the plant are known as all parts of the plant except the roots.
The plant contains flavonoids, the most important of which are epigensin, malathol, cyanogens, and alkaloids from the Andol group, the most important being Harman.
The plant is used as a tranquilizer and brings sleep, which is good for stress, stress and insomnia. It reduces nervous overload, as it is used in certain cases of asthma, high blood pressure and its most important effects. It is taken in boiling form, where a medium spoon is taken and placed in a cup. Add boiling water. Leave for 5 minutes, drain and drink once in the morning and at bedtime.

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