The best treatment for herbal nervous colon

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?What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome As mentioned in previous articles, the function is to absorb water and some nutrients, and to analyze inorganic substances. Many people may suffer from digestive problems, and nervous colon is one of the most common problems.

The best treatment for herbal nervous colon

This is the result of various causes and factors, including eating irritable bowel syndrome, as well as mental disorders such as stress, anxiety or illness such as intestinal influenza caused by a type of bacteria.

Today in the platform your doctor will talk about ways to treat irritable bowel herbal remedies

Alternative medicine or what is known as Arab medicine with natural herbs has many health benefits and a few risks. It is almost non-existent because all natural herbs contain beneficial elements of the body, vitamins, minerals and others. It should be mentioned that the World Health Organization has recognized alternative medicine.

Irritable Irritable Herbal Treatment

  • Anise is the best sedative for nerves and mood. It is the best treatment to relieve irritable bowel syndrome. Unlike coffee and soft drinks irritating irritable bowel syndrome. It also reduces inflammation and stomach cramps. It relieves anxiety and is used as a hypnotist.
  • Ring: Helps the colon to get rid of excess mucus, facilitate bowel movement and help the patient in the process of removal, moisturizes and protects from irritation and drought, it helps to balance the moisture and drought in the tissues of the stomach.
  • It also works to calm the convulsions caused by the drought and help in healing wounds where patients are recommended to eat irritable bowel ring.
  • Fennel: Fennel seeds are useful for colonizing and softening the colon. It expels gases from the abdomen and has anti-convulsive benefits. It eliminates the problem of bloating because it contains sinol and ethanol, which eliminate bacteria that cause diarrhea. Useful for gastrointestinal infections, heartburn, diarrhea, colic and indigestion.
  • Ginger contains many volatile oils that purify the digestive system, prevent nausea, expel gases, stop diarrhea, combat gastric cramps, improve the condition of the intestinal muscles, eliminate all infections in the body, and can be used as a natural habitat to relieve pain by placing it on the skin. Of the blood flow to this area which helps in pacification.
  • Flaxseeds: A large tablespoon of flaxseed powder with plenty of water three times a day eliminates the reflux infections. It also works to calm the intestines, compensating the body with the minerals it lost due to diarrhea of ​​the colon.
  • Mint: The volatile oils that help calm the colon and relax its muscles.
  • Ruhab: A herb that grows in Yemen and some parts of Saudi Arabia, is used to treat all stomach and stomach problems from bloating or gas, which works to stop the irritable bowel and prevent its symptoms from multiplying, as it is grinded and mixed with natural honey and taken with a spoon.

Expert advice on nutrition and health, also known as alternative medicine for patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Final treatment of the tested colon

  • Eat foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables and various salads
  •  Avoid various types of food that cause bloating, such as chickpeas, beans, lentils that cause gases causing indigestion.
  •  Do not over-take coffee or tea.
  •  Do not smoke, whether you smoke a cigarette, a cigarette or a cigar.
  • Keep away from soft drinks of all kinds because they contain carbon dioxide that causes bloating and gastrointestinal disorders
  •  Stay away from sources of stress, anxiety, stress, and leisure time in entertaining and useful work.
  •  Stay away from fatty fast meals or meals that contain large amounts of spices, hot peppers and pickles.
  •  Go back to chewing food well and slow down to eat.
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