Treating hemorrhoids in many ways at home

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Many methods used in the treatment of hemorrhoids at home that hemorrhoids are common, spread in these periods abnormally, and affects most men and pregnant women, and types of hemorrhoids scattered internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids, we will mention, Home.

Treating hemorrhoids in many ways at home

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

Methods of treatment of external hemorrhoids, many of these methods, through ointments, or through natural methods and methods of treatment without surgery or surgery, and without the need for intervention of the doctor, there are effective ways to treat hemorrhoids without any side damage.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids naturally

The purpose of natural treatment methods for hemorrhoids is, through oils, fats and herbs, common in folk medicine. Treatment of external hemorrhoids in men has many ways, including chewing, and others will be mentioned gradually, including those who have already mentioned in previous topics

Treatment of external hemorrhoids of pregnant women

The pregnant women are more likely to have hemorrhoids and are looking for pregnant women ways to get rid of hemorrhoids. There are several ways that the methods of treating hemorrhoids at the woman and men are not different at all is the same as that used for a man will be used by the woman but there are some medicines that may cause some minor complications on the woman, Pregnant.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids ointment

There are several ointments scattered in pharmacies, some are looking for the best ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids, and the ointment of treatment of hemorrhoids without collateral damage, and in fact there are ointments have complications, and the damage is not clear, and be careful of them and the person with hemorrhoids should not use any medicine or ointment Without the knowledge of the specialist, it is necessary to refer the patient to his doctor, until he is diagnosed with any type of hemorrhoids, which is infected with it.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids surgically

Hemorrhoids can be treated by surgery. Hemorrhoids are removed and removed. In some cases, however, hemorrhoids recur. Another procedure is required. Hemorrhoids may be taken and removed completely, but before surgery, It is recommended to try natural treatments such as ointments, oils, honey and natural herbs recommended by alternative medicine doctors.