Why I suffer from constipation and gas

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I suffer from constipation and gas

The most common cause of constipation, which affects many people is the result of unhealthy eating habits and methods, such as eating meals that do not contain fiber. Therefore, it produces a few waste, such as all kinds of rice, cheese, cheese, Changes in food diversity and nature, lack of drinking water and after a certain period of time dry water in the intestines, which causes difficulty in removing the waste and hardness, or hardness in the stool and becomes difficult to remove the stool.

Why I suffer from constipation and gas

Causes of gases

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There are many reasons: eating unhealthy food, eating ingestion, swallowing fizzy drinks, and also soft drinks are one of the main causes of gas in the stomach, and also the constipation itself, which makes the colon ferment the food in it and there are also some foods that work On the generation of gases such as cabbage, legumes, and kernbek also radish

constipation treatment

1 – Take sufficient time in the process of evacuation and not to curb the need of the people.
2 – The intake of fluids and must be increased intake of liquids and a minimum of two liters of water a day, and in the days of heat I must be drinking more than two liters.
3 – eating fiber is very important so should be the food that you will eat it contains and advised to eat vegetables and fruits of all kinds, except those that work to generate gases in the abdomen.
By the amount of gases that can be controlled very quickly, you should avoid the foods that cause you gases do not bother. Do not overheat gases. When, get rid of constipation get rid of gas.
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