Contraceptive contraceptives and their benefits

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Contraceptive contraceptives and their benefits

Contraceptive contraceptives are a modern method that avoids other alternatives to contraception. As the science progresses, all methods of contraception have been varied and varied. One of the most important methods that have recently been discovered is the IUD, contraceptive tablets and one of the methods must be used under the supervision of the specialist doctor.
Contraceptive contraceptives and their benefits

What are contraceptive patches

It is a skin formula that secrete estrogen hormones and progestin to prevent pregnancy. When properly used, it gives results that elicit the use of oral contraceptives and the risks of using oral contraceptives. Contraception is safe in many ways. Birth control labels are sold in the United States by Ortho McNeill. In Canada by Janssen Ortho and in the United Kingdom and several other cities around the world, by Janssen Seilag. They are the sole agents for selling contraceptives. It can not be taken without a prescription

Places to put birth control image

  • Used at the outer top of the arm
  • Stick to the rear
  • Stuck in the abdomen
  • Stuck in the thigh starting

How to use contraceptives for the first time

The woman will put the contraceptive label in the specified place and start from the first day of the menstrual cycle since the first day. The contraceptive label will be changed after a week, ie after seven days the poster will be changed. After replacing the old poster, Once the label is changed again, the label is removed. This time, however, the situation is completely different. It is not replaced by waiting for seven days (one week) without sticking these patches on the body. Until the new label is used, the label is used as shown. The contraceptive label is used in very clean areas and if the skin has red spots, inflammation, or scratches, you should not use the label on it.

The best contraception You should avoid these things when you use the contraceptive label.

– Avoid using moisturizers.
– Avoid using powder in all its forms and types.
– Avoid using make-up around specific areas.
Avoid using contraceptive alternatives if you decide to use a contraceptive label.

Advantages of contraceptives

When you use contraceptive pills, you do not need to take alternatives to other contraception. When using the label on the first day of the menstrual cycle, the poster activates the active cycle and eliminates the use of other alternatives to prevent pregnancy, prevents ovulation, and does not need alternatives or support to prevent pregnancy. If the label is used

Do contraceptive pills prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases

Contraception does not prevent communicable diseases. Or by relationship. Other condoms must be used to reduce the incidence of contact-related diseases, reduce the incidence of infection and when using condoms, plastic as well as the use of contraceptives, it gives you assurance that pregnancy will not occur.

Damage to contraceptives

– Nausea occurs
– Exhaustion
– Local sensitivity.
–          a headache
– Weak feelings of relationship.
– Respiratory inflammation
– PMS pain
– Belly in the abdomen.
– Bleeding of blood.

?mataa ‘adae lisaqat mane alhaml 

yjb ‘an tudeiha mundh alyawm al’awal min aldawrat alshahriati.
lasiqat mane alhaml hal hi madmunah?
lasuqat alhaml laysat madmunah wahi la taqum bimane al’iisabat bial’amrad alty tantaqil ean tariq alaitisal aljasidi. walidaman edm aintiqal al’amrad alty tahadath ean alaitisal ‘aw alealaqat , yanasah biastikhdam alwaqiati.

?hal lisaqat mane alhamal tanhif 

lays laha ealaqat bitanhif.
hal lasaqat mane alhamal tasmun
aydaan lays laha ealaqat ‘iitlaqaan lisaqat mane alhamal liaitusaman wa’iinama yushae ‘ana lasaqat mane alhaml tasamun watazid min alwazn hadhih kharrafat la eilaqah laha fi ziadih alwazn ‘aw naqsanuh .
؟When do I put birth control pills
You should have it since the first day of your period.

?Are contraceptives guaranteed

Pregnancy adhesives are not guaranteed and do not prevent infections transmitted by physical contact. To ensure that communicable diseases are not transmitted, it is advisable to use condoms.
?Are contraceptive patches slimming
It has nothing to do with slimming.
 ?Do contraceptives secure
Also has nothing to do with the contraceptive pills, but it is rumored that the contraceptive contraceptives secrete and increase weight. These myths have nothing to do with increasing or decreasing the weight